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Off to Hawaii to shoot Hawaii Five-0

The day started really early. Got picked up at 6:30 am for an early flight. On board, I met this amazing woman, Gale. She sat next to me. Got to chat with her and found out she’s been a flight attendant for 43 years. She loves her job so much and expecting a grandchild.

We chatted about Hawaii and I got to learn a whole lot from her about the islands. I didn’t know anything about hawaii, through the course of that flight, my fascination grew.

Early Pick up – Love that they sent a car!

Gale and I


Gale telling me about the Island


Grabbed the book Men Women and Children by Chad Kultgen right before boarding. The first page is pretty grabbing. Had to buy it. Also brought the 7dM2, going to test it out on this trip.







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