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Happy New Year!

Ended 2015 on the road! The year before (2014) I found myself in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Arizona, which came to be the backdrop of The Incredible Life of Darrell! So it was only fitting to start 2016 with another adventure. This time in the middle of nowhere Nevada! 2015 had been an awesome year. Very grateful for it. Met a lot of awesome people and got to learn a lot of new things. I am extremely excited to venture in to this new chapter 2016. Cheers to telling more stories, living passionately, going after your dreams and having a blast doing it all!

Extraterrestrial Highway.

Found ourselves in the small town Rachel, next to Area 51. The last place you wanna run out of gas. Also there is no cell phone signal.

Discovering snow in the desert

Road tripping with buddy Justin B Rapp.

HRHG3197 IACY1960

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