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Episode Guide

“DATE NIGHT” Episode 1

With advice from Jenny, Darrell shows up at Stacy’s ready for a date uninvited.

Starring – Darrell Lake, Tru Collins, Joy Regullano , Larry Karman

Release date 2/3/15

“BESTIES” Episode 2

A typical movie night with Kirk goes awry when Darrell receives a phone call from Brad Fremont.

Starring – Darrell Lake, Justin Bryant Rapp

Release date 3/3/15

“HELP WANTED” Episode 3

Darrell’s first Job interview takes an unexpected turn.

Release date 4/7/15

BIG BRO  Episode 4  ( Season Finale ) 

Running out of options, Darrell seeks much needed advice from his Big Bro.

Release date 5/5/15

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