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Emergency wins the Harness Social Impact award at the 12th Annual NBCUniversal Short Film Festival

Emergency won the Harness Social Impact award at the NBCUniversal short film festival last night! Proud of our incredible creative team… Director Carey Willams Writer KD Davila, Producer Joenique Rose … and everyone involved in the film.

Was also nominated for the OUTSTANDING ACTOR AWARD, as well as my co-star Jason Woods. Had a blast working on the project. Great to see it having such an impact and response.

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Huffington post article on the film Roubado!

Huffington post article excerpt “The film’s talented cast is lead by the outstanding Darrell Lake (“Hawaii 5-0,” “Southland”) who portrays Alain Castelo with a beautifully stoic, intensity.”

Roubado recently screened at Urbanworld Film Festival!! Directed by Erica Watson and beautifully shot by Tommy Upshaw. Screening in more upcoming festivals!


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LA Film Fest & ABFF Screenings

Tickets now available for The Incredible Life of Darrell screenings!

LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL – June 11, 7pm @ Regal Cinemas L.A LIVE

Tickets avail at https://tickets.lafilmfest.com/online/article/launchweb

AMERICAN BLACK FILM FESTIVAL- June 13, 5:15pm @ AMC Empire 25, NYC



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