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BTS — The Incredible Life of Darrell pt2

It’s been such a blast bringing this world to life! The opening shots of the show. I’ve been dreaming about this sequence forever. It completely reveals everything about the character and how he sees the world. A big dreamer and an optimist!

Behind the Scenes of The Incredible Life of Darrell – Pt1

So excited to take you all on this journey — bringing this show to life. It’s a lot of hard work, by a lot of people that’s not infront of the camera. Believing in, championing my vision and ultimately making this possible. Now it’s — mission make a kickass series that will make you all proud and laugh your ass off.


SNEAK PEAK of The Incredible Life of Darrell!!

Super excited to share with you this SNEAK PEAK of The Incredible Life of Darrell!!
Thanks to the incredible peeps at Warner Bros, giving me the ultimate sandbox to play in. Their relentless support is comparable to the STAGE 13 NETWORK they’ve created — Fearless, Unapologetic, Bold and Unexpected.
Allowing me to freely bring to life, the quirky world of Wakooki in its entirety. Spent the past year and half, Writing, Directing, Starring and Exec Producing this series. 10 year old me living the dream!!
Can’t wait to share all that we have in store. 

Check out this sneak peak before the launch!
So much more to come!!